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Cracked2005     Windows27KB     Download
This is a silly oldskool 4K intro I made for Assembly '05. It ended up being shown on the big screen and placed 10/12, and that sure was a bit of a surprise (I thought the pre-selection jury would axe this one)! The package contains two versions - entry and release.

» Cracked @
» Cracked @

Silly little things

OCDBStats2002     Windows348KB     Download
This tools displays some statistics gathered from the .CDB-files generated by Anders Software's Offline CD Browser (which does/did not have functionality like this).

» Offline CD Browser official site
Kolkko2002     Windows345KB     Download
This tool tries to figure out how to split files in the given directory into CDs so that the loss of space per CD is as small as possible (using bin packing). The output is a HTML file.