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Original work

Skeleton Swing (v2)2008    MOD62KB     Download
Turns out I made an oops in the original Skeleton Swing, rendering the song highly unswingy in some players (including but not limited to ProTracker). This version fixes the problems, tested with at least ProTracker 2.0 and 3.1. Thanks to "amrs" and project UADE for pointing it out.
Skeleton Swing2007    MOD61KB     Download
Skeleton Swing was my Assembly 2007 oldskool music competition entry, which managed to secure the third place in the competition.
Dance Delirium2006    MOD63KB     Download
Dance Delirium was my Assembly 2006 oldskool music competition entry. This one made the 5th place, which is nice. The finishing touches were made in a hurry, just two hours before the deadline.
Loch Nes2005    MOD63KB     Download
Loch Nes was my Assembly 2005 oldskool music competition entry. This was played on the big screen (=qualified to the last round), but I got a bit sick and had to leave the party before the voting results came. This one placed 4/14. Yay! :)
Battle of Mag Tuireadh2005    MP33MB     Download
My Assembly 2005 instrumental music competition entry. Didn't make it to the big screen. Maybe next year. ;)
Under Siege2004    MP34.7MB     Download
Under Siege was my Assembly 2004 instrumental music competition entry. Didn't make it to the big screen with this one either (see a pattern?), but I suppose it was closer this year than last year.
Duckie World Order2004    XM30KB     Download
Duckie World Order was the second of the two Assembly 2004 oldskool music competition entries. I like this one better. Didn't make it to the big screen with this one either.
Donnerwetter2004    XM29KB     Download
Donnerwetter was the first of the two Assembly 2004 oldskool music competition entries. Didn't make it to the big screen.
Noir2003    OGG2MB     Download
Something I threw together on a rainy day.
Ragnarok2003    MP34.4MB     Download
My entry to the Assembly '03 Instrumental Music competition. Did not make it to the big screen.
Infini - Saga's Trial200x    MP33.9MB     Download
The boss battle theme for the female main character, Saga.
Infini - Kooky Kriminals200x    MP33.3MB     Download
During your travels through the land of Infini you will meet a band of robbers. But they're not standard issue - there's something rather "wrong" about them...
Infini - Your Destiny200x    MP32.7MB     Download
The world map theme.
Infini - A Tear From God200x    MP33.3MB     Download
After the long journey, the story is drawing to a close. Lilith's presence looms nearby - it's time to face her.
Infini - Lilith's Dance200x    OGG4.7MB     Download
Infini, an RPG I was planning back in the Big Bang. A suggestion for a final battle theme.


A Man With A Mantra (Faxanadu)2006    MP34.2MB     Download
King gives you money. Priests give you mantras. There's nothing more you could ever hope for. Yes, this is a Faxanadu arrangement. It's a hybrid of 5-6 different themes from the game. I kind of like the Faxanadu soundtrack. Sure, there are some annoying ones (like the 'fog level' song), but mostly it works.
Dark World Brouhaha (Final Fantasy VI)2006    MP32MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Nobuo Uematsu. This is a take on the 'Searching for friends' theme from the Dark World of FF6. Now don't give me that look, everyone has to do at least one FF mix *cough*. :) Well, at least this one is not an orchestral arrangement.
Back To The Roots (Axelay)2005    MP32MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Souji Taro. I finally had the energy to grab my favourite Axelay theme and throw it through the shredder. Figuratively speaking, of course. Now imagine that you are playing a 8-bit NES version of Axelay (yes, this is a chiptune, or at least trying to be one - I tried to stick as close to the NES limitations as possible).. the third level starts, and you take the blocky controller in your firm grasp. Your finger is hovering on the B button, ready to kick some alien invader arse again. It didn't take too get a taste of blood/metal/whatever - infact you are doing great! But suddenly..

(message flashing on-screen Darius * style)

..what happens after that? Download and find out! ;)
Dentonator (Deus Ex)2005    MP32MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Alexander Brandon. I've always thought of Deus Ex's music as catchy, so it was somewhat of a natural choice. I wrote a small part of this before (like maybe 8 months ago), and picked up from where I left recently. This features two distinctive themes from the game, blended togethed.
Dark Sun (Nagareboshi Gin)200x    MP32.2MB     Download
The original composer of this song is unknown. Akakabooto is a big, nasty bear with pointy, sharp claws. He growls, he slices and he dices - all in a rather big, furry package. Order your own now!
Magic In The Air (Outrun)200x    MP32.5MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Hiroshi Miyauchi. This is from the old classic, Outrun. Someone on IRC requested me to do something with it, and so I did. I wanted to try to get some gypsy/ethnic elements in (cruising around like a vagrant, with no set destination.. deep shizniz y'all).
Sicilian Death (Doom)200x    MP32.2MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Bobby Prince. I wanted to have a "Godfathery" theme in this one (driveby shootings, old family traditions, etc). This was made from a request (like the Outrun arrangement and even requested by the same guy - you know who you are :P).
A Blight To Remember (Suikoden II)200x    MP32.2MB     Download
The original composer of this song is unknown! This is from the PlayStation game Suikoden 2 by Konami. Luca Blight is a mad fellow bent on poking everything around with that big Ginsu knife of his. I guess that's what you get when the only toy you've had as a kid was a wooden car and even that was nailed to the floor.
Classy Neclord (Suikoden II)200x    MP33.7MB     Download
The original composer of this song is unknown! This is from the PlayStation game Suikoden 2 by Konami. Neclord is an ancient an powerful vampire and - you guessed right - he does have a pipe organ. Neclord fits the evil, omnipotent vampire cliché quite well, but as a character he's still rather charismatic and fun old chap. This was originally the theme of the final battle with Neclord (of course, with pipe organs) and I liked the theme so much I wanted to take a shot at it.
Zophar's Return (Lunar: Eternal Blue)200x    MP32.8MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Yasunori Mitsuda. This is from the PlayStation (also on Sega CD) game Lunar : Eternal Blue by Game Arts. Zophar is yet another omniscient, omnipotent super-evil baddie which is set out to destroy the world. Paint me surprised. Working Designs did an excellent job in creating depth to his character - he does actually seem a bit evil and not a complete wuss like the bosses in some other games. However, I loved the track which played during the final confrontation with Zophar. This is an orchestral arrangement.

The file is kind of.. uh.. lost. If I'll run into it, I'll upload it for posterity.
Enemy At The Gates (Klingon Academy)200x    MP32.1MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Inon Zur. Without actually playing the game I decided to do this just because I liked the original. :) Oh well, I think it turned out to be rather good.. if we're living in an upside-down world and good means bad.
Ghaleon Battle Revisited (Lunar: Eternal Blue)200x    MP32.2MB     Download
Original version was conceived by Yasunori Mitsuda. This is from the PlayStation (also on Sega CD) game Lunar : Eternal Blue by Game Arts. Ghaleon is your standard issue bad guy, one of Zophar's evil lackeys. Working Designs' translators managed to keep/make Ghaleon as a really likeable bad guy - it's almost a shame to kick his sorry hide around in the game. The original song fits Ghaleon's character and disposition perfectly. I liked the original so much, that I did the same as I did with the Zophar theme - I left my PlayStation running for some time just to listen to the tune. This is one of my first VG arrangements ever, so don't expect too much.